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Made with a magical blend of traditionally proven botanicals, this oil is smooth and deeply nourishing.  Contains--


Calendula oil:

A gentle yet incredible anti-inflammatory, Calendula tightens and firms skin. 


Comfrey oil:

Comfrey softens, nourishes, and moisturizes skin and improves texture.


Figwort oil:

Figwort restores dry, inflamed skin while reducing irritation and redness.


Saint John’s Wort oil:

A powerful anti-bacterial, St. John’s Wort helps eliminate redness and skin irritation. 


Vitamin E oil:

Deeply nourishing, Vitamin E is strongly anti-inflammatory and can help heal damaged skin.

Healthy Skin Infusion

  • Organic Olive Oil infused with Organic Calendula, Organic Comfrey, Organic Figwort, & Organic Saint John’s Wort, Vitamin E Oil

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