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Organic Certification

What does USDA Organic mean?

In an environment where hemp products have been relatively under-regulated, here at SunGold
Botanicals we have decided to go the extra step to take on organic certification regulations. By doing so
we have committed to creating products that are committed to sustainability while being true to what
they say they are.

USDA Organic certification for a hemp handling facility means far more than you may think.


  • Standard Operating Procedures

    • We have developed extensive and redundant standard operating procedures for all aspects of our production facility. This is includes standard operating procedures for sanitation, hemp extraction, and consumer-level goods production. Significant attention has been placed on worker safety and preventing product contamination.

  • Ingredient Tracing

    • All ingredients used in our products are sourced from verified USDA Organic sources. We retain certificates of analysis for each and every ingredient. Lot identification numbers are recorded each time ingredients enter our facility.

  • Batch Tracking

    • An ingredient tracking sheet is created for each and every batch of products produced in our facility. This includes the lot number for each ingredient as well as date created, quantity produced, testing dates, and storage method. Our batch records allow us to trace in both directions, from product to ingredient as well as ingredient through products. If an issue was ever to arise with a
      ingredient, this system allows us to quickly track effected batches and take corrective action.


  • Inspections

    • Upon renewal of our organic certification each year our facility is subject to a thorough inspection. This includes a review of all our records and paperwork and batch tracking exercises. In addition, our facility is subject to random inspections from our organic certifier.

View our USDA Organic Integrity Operation Profile by visiting this link.

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